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Prostitutionsverbot als Migrationskontrolle

Prostitutionsverbot als Migrationskontrolle: „Ihr Problem ist dabei nicht die Anerkennung als Prostituierte, sondern Visum, Arbeitserlaubnis, Scheinehemann und so weiter“

trying to reach the less worse country

we came till skopia
and my mobile said :

T-mobile welcomes you to the Republic of Macedonia! For assistance please call 0038970122! Have a pleasant stay in our contry!

we were happy and they did welcome us very well as very special gueast. But the police kicked us out of the border, back to greece

i am an unlucky man.

Das ist eine der kleinen Geschichten, die Birds of Immigrants erzählt – ein Kollektivblog, geschrieben von jungen Flüchtlingen die versuchen sich nach Europa durchzuschlagen. Eine ähnliche Ausrichtung hat Schengendangle:

schengendangle is the Blog of people like me, who come to Europe with the hope to finaly escape and find a new home. We are refugees trying to reach the less worse country, the one where we have a chance to get asylum. To achieve that, we are forced to cross the external borders of Europe and the internal ones. We cannot travel on the normal way like a tourist. We don’t have passports. In this world we have to travel in the darkness, in small dinghies, hidden inside and under lorries and by whatever means you might think of or you might not imagine at all.

This Blog is the attempt to fight back against inequalities by telling our stories. The Schengen Treaty gives some people the possibility of free movement in Europe but for others it makes it more difficult if not impossible to travel. It takes our human rights as people only because we are not European citizens. Dangle we call it when we hide underneath a lorry, between the tires – we the unseen of Europe.

Zwei blogs, die ich euch allen ans Herz legen will, und die dringend mehr Bekanntheit verdient haben.