You cannot not decide

Zusammenfassung: Ich weiss nicht ob ich mich bei der Räumung des Hungerstreikcamps letztes Wochenende den Bullen in den Weg gestellt hätte, die politische Herangehensweise der „Untestützer_innen“ ist eigenartig. Wenn du eine Übersetzung willst, frage nett im Kommentarfeld.

A week ago, on sunday early morning, the police evicted the non-citizens camp at the Rindermarkt. Some supporters tried to stop them. Had I been there, I don‘t know if would have joined those supporters. Here’s why.

By now, I think that the hunger strikers were not in grave danger, and apparantly at least some did not receive any medical attention. But, knowing what I knew a week ago, shortly before the eviction, based on the communication of the non-citizens – I had assumed that several of the hunger strikers were in danger of dying of hunger or thirst. Then, the police is the lesser of two evils. I don‘t want to come across as cynical and I am aware that non-citizens have even more reasons to distrust the cops than everyone else, and may face the danger of deportation. Still, I would not actively prolong a situation were someone whose struggles are close to mine might die.

The hunger strikers know what they are doing – but I, too, have to know what I‘m doing if I am to take any active part! With the paralell structures of supporters and non-citizens, the intransparency and the lack of communication, I found it difficult to impossible to somehow asses the situation.
Again, this is what I knew a week ago without beeing close to the matter. I assume, or rather hope, that the comrades who tried to block the police knew more than me and made an informed decision to protect the hunger strike. But you, the supporters, sort of claim to not make political decisions: The declaration of the supporters states that it is „our principle to act soleyly in a supporting manner“ and that it is „not our protest.“ I think that’s plain wrong – of course it’s your protest if you are an active part of it. And I think saying one is „only supporting“ is dishonest, you can‘t claim that for example standing or sitting in the way of the cops in the moment of eviction is anything but your decision – and that you don‘t share the responsibility for what happens in the unlikely case that you succeed .

Maybe I framed the problem too much as a matter of rational choices and clear cut dcisions – I know that in situations like this decisions are made at the spur of the moment, everyone misses at least a night’s sleep or is close to burnout and everything is frantic improvisation.
This struggle continues, I felt the need to voice some subjective doubts and reservations now. At the end of the day we can‘t achieve anything without trusting each other and our selves as political subjects. The weirdness of the dual strucures and the strange approach of positioning one as „only supporter“ don‘t help. And we still need to somehow win this thing!

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  1. 1 Ikarus 06. Juli 2013 um 18:09 Uhr

    Yeah, the first comment in english on this. I‘m actually wondering, why the supporters didn‘t do any translation?!

    Thank you!

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